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Tori Raine | Free range and Grass fed.

The stud was named after my granddaughter, Tori,  who has been mad about cows since she could crawl!

We started off with two heifers bought from Garth Middelditch in Delmas , Minamoo Dexter stud, and a bull from David Visser, Florimanzi stud, in Nylstroom. The stud grew quickly, gathering more heifers from Garth and David with sound advice from my dear friend and Mentor Frank Hinze, past owner of Turbo, the bull, who has joined our stud. Without Frank and his input, we would never have got as far as we have.

We have worked together to achieve the sound results of good Dexter beef and dairy combination cattle as well as concentrating on the A2 milk genes within our dairy quality. Franks wife, Maryke, makes the best drinking yogurt from the Dexter milk on their side of the Dexter stud! Frank continually brands, vaccinates and keeps all records of births and progress for our Dexter herds.

Our Dexters are all grass fed, receiving minimal feed in winter and small amounts of dairy feed to keep them calm, whilst being hand milked. Our calves stay with their mums until 6 months of age and are then weaned. All our Dexters are vaccinated annually against all diseases, dewormed and are tested annually for CA and TB , and certified free of the disease. Our animals are loved and brushed and often come when called by name.

We are proud to produce excellent milk, with health benefits, proven with case studies, and with beef better and more succulent than most.

We are listed with ethical farmers as to our free range beef and dairy products

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